About us

We follow the modern, new concept, which considers the lawyer to be both a specialized technical and an overall cooperative service provider.

The rapid changes in society and technological developments over recent years have an ongoing impact on current requirements in relation to professional legal information and advice.

There is simply no longer room for “stand-alone-attorneys” and a hesitant attitude towards progress in everyday working life. So, the attorney – as a person who uses the law for the purpose of his clients – is called upon of keeping up with these developments with all his senses.

Thus, the partnership Schulenberg & Schenk stands for a contemporary, holistic service company with all the benefits of today’s technologies, while maintaining the traditional integrity of the profession. Of course, we provide a modern office infrastructure and a new, fresh way of establishing business relationships.

Finally, the client remains the key element of our orientation: We are always committed for the good of our clients and feel empowered by this most personal relationship of trust.

Our portfolio is focused on business law advice to companies and individuals. We advise our clients by means of “solution-and-success-oriented” consultancy in the context of the efficient implementation of their commercial objectives. Here, the emphasis will be on advice with a view to avoiding conflict and of preventive character.

High quality standards are just as important to us as clear communication and commitment. We work with great care and precision, fast and straightforward, committed and goal-oriented.

Our background enables us to combine expertise with sector knowledge and to communicate in our client’s language.

We provide sector-specific competence in legal areas represented by this law firm that goes beyond legal issues. This enables us to be aware of the wishes and concerns of our clients and thus to offer comprehensive legal counseling.