Competition Law

The both targets of competition law are the protection from unfair commercial practices and the interest in undistorted competition. For maintaining adherence to these norms, by the relevant standards are established the regulatory constraints such as the Law on Unfair Competition [in German Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb – (UWG)]. Furthermore, the competition law is also about product and customer protection, which is settled in various, wide spread statutory regulations both at national and European level.

We have a range of specialist lawyers and specialist solicitors in hand who actively participate in the competition case-law and, in this respect, publish specialist legal articles in trade magazines for many years.

For our clients, we always handle complex competition law issues from the point of view of the “commercial rational”. The main interest of our advice is based on qualified interpretation and assessment of the associated risks for finding a legally and economically practicable solution.

Thus, our office embodies the unlimited professional competence for advising you in all matters of competition law and acting in your own best interests in competition law disputes.