Copyright Law

The copyright protects personal intellectual creations as well as its use and exploitation in the context of vibrant economic markets.

In result of entering the digital age, the copyright is currently in an immense process of transformation that has led to profound changes at national and international legislative level in recent years. At the same time, we have a huge increase with respect to the extent of disregarding the copyright due to infringements of protected work in particular on the Internet.

The effects of transformation of copyright significantly impair the authors and rights distributors and have a vigorous influence on consultation, contract preparation as well as in infringement proceedings.

Our firm offers advice to authors and rights distributors in particular of the music, computer, photographic and film industries in all matters relating to copyright – aiming not only at managing the comprehensive change of copyright, but also at drawing the best possible advantage from this. For the purpose of best possible advice to our clients, our attorneys provide extensive and profound know-how based on long-term practical experience in the field of copyright.