Food and Cosmetics Law

Food Law
The food law covers all legal matters with respect to the production, distribution and marketing of food. Within this frame, we will advise you regarding the admissibility of ingredients, the marketing of innovative food (novel food) and the use of advertising claims (health claims). In a crisis situation, we refer to our long-term experience in the legal dispute, but also to know-how resulting from cooperation with competitors and authorities.

Cometics Law
The Cosmetics Law is governed by the EC-Directive on Cosmetics (76/768/EWG) [Council Directive 76/768/EEC of 27 July 1976 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to cosmetic products] and laws and regulations based thereon.  We will advise you in matters of product development and raw materials, questions related to labelling and advertisement and in case of conflicts with competitors or authorities.